Learn English grammar, writing skills, and listening practice using videos and exercises. Smrt English is good for Native English speakers learning grammar and also for English Language Learners learning the basics of the English language.  You do not need to create an account to access the site.  The ‘Library’ has grammar videos that are searchable!  These videos are concise and helpful for understanding.  Some of the videos have exercises associated with them to practice after learning the grammar point. The courses in the Library are limited, some are accessible or partially accessible, and others are not at all. The ‘Cafe’ contains trending news with videos, pictures, and articles.  Most the videos have captions for English Language Learners to see the written words while they listen.  This provides great content for lessons or practice. If you create a free account using Google, you can take a short English Assessment Exam and the site will keep track of the video and exercise lessons you complete.  This site also utilizes google docs, which is super nice if you have a google account and are used to using the google docs online tool!


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