Learn how to type with a audio/visual tutor guiding you step by step. The Goodwill Community Foundation (GCF) has provided this helpful interactive program to teach typing to the beginner.  GCF’s Typing Play is especially beneficial for those who need to slow step-by-step instruction with audio and visual lessons and interactive exercises. When you start this program, it will give you three image buttons at the top of the lesson screen. The first button is a type of ‘Candy Land’ map of the lessons so you can jump around as needed and see your goal.  The second button is intended to give you control over the audio feedback, however it does not seem to be working, so if you get tired of hearing the guy talk to you after every practice set then you will have to mute your audio on your computer!  The third button is the Help button and explains what each button means and how to use the program, etc. This is a great typing program for those who need a little more instruction and encouragement as they begin to learn touch typing!


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