About LearnDot


Welcome to LearnDot.  LearnDot is a completely free resource designed for students at Tacoma Community College, but also accessible to the wider public.  TCC students can find their classes under the course button on the front page, while students and the public alike can search by subject for popular resources within each discipline.

The LearnDot website was created by TCC’s Learning Network as a centralized location for online educational resources that help TCC students develop their college skills or support their studies in any subject field.   This site provides easy access to primary TCC tools (email, canvas, support, etc), as well as a central space where url links can be presented & described by the TCC student and staff body, so that the most useful websites can be discovered and used effectively!  This central resource allows students and instructors to easily access excellent and freely available educational content and tools.

Feel free to contact the LearnDot team if you have any comments, feedback, websites to suggest, or questions.

Get Assistance

The Computer-Assisted Learning Lab (CAL Lab) in Building 7 Room 2 is a physical computer lab space where students can go to get assistance from TCC staff on computers.  Whether you are using programs like Microsoft Word or using online resources from the LearnDot site, TCC staff is there to help you along!  Also, classes can reserve the lab for in class computer work and have TCC staff to assist students as needed.  If you would like to reserve time in the CAL lab, please contact Evgenia Higgins (contact info below).

Suggest a Website

If there is a particular site that an instructor uses in his/her course or recommends for study practice, they can submit the site to be added to LearnDot here: Suggest a site.  Also, if an instructor would like LearnDot to be searchable by his/her name, then he/she can write a review comment under that resource's post on the site using their full name. Then, when a student does a search for the instructor's name, all the resources with a review written by them will pop up!

Likewise, if there is a particular site that a student has found useful for his/her studies, they can submit the site to be considered to add to LearnDot here: Suggest a site.

Contact Info

LearnDot Support (CAL Lab) 253-566-5369
LearnDot Webmaster  learndot@tacomacc.edu
Supervisor: Debbye Larson ext.5340 dlarsen@tacomacc.edu