Vocaroo is a simple, quick, and free online voice recording tool.  Once you finish your recording, the site will ask you “Happy with this recording?” and tell you to “Click here to save>>”.  Once you click to save, it will give you a url address that you can copy and paste as a link to your audio recording, or you can select the embed code to put on a website or blog.  This makes it easy to email a link of your recording to your teacher or other students or post on a blog or share through your social media of choice.  You can also choose to download the recording as  MP3, Ogg, FLAC, or WAV.  You must have a microphone connected to your computer to use this recording tool. There is not a definite age at which recordings are deleted, however it is likely messages will expire after a few months. If a recording is important you should download and save it to your own computer as soon as possible to avoid losing it. There is no fixed time limit on recording length, however be aware that even brief internet connection outages can cause recording to be stopped or to fail, and with longer recordings the chance of this increases.


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