Test Prep


Understanding Algebra

The Understanding Algebra site provides a full algebra textbook by James W. Brennan for free online. It has nine chapters covering: Numbers of Arithmetic, Intro to Algebra, Word Problems, Graphing and Straight Lines, Systems of Linear Equations, Polynomials, Rational Expressions, Exponents and Roots, and Quadratic Equations.   Link to resource  

TCC Math Placement Review Guide PDF

TCC’s Math Placement Review Guide provides 100 math problems from levels MATH 75 – MATH 140 to prepare for placement. An answer key is provided at end so you can grade yourself and see what areas you need improvement in.  This is a great self-evaluation tool and practice before heading into the ACCUPLACER Test. Link to…

Purdue OWL: Writing Essays For Exams

The Writing Essays for Exams page on the Purdue OWL site is a simple explanation of the most important elements of writing that tests are looking for to evaluate your writing skill level.  This page provides well organized and concise information. Link to resource  

Khan Academy: Arithmetic

Khan Academy: Arithmetic provides series of videos for each of the concepts of arithmetic mathematics. When you click on the topic, a series of videos will appear.  After a set of a few videos, it will give you an interactive exercise to practice what you learned. Each video has a play icon next to it and…

GED Academy

Learn and practice your skills in math, science, English language arts, and social studies.  Practice and improve test taking skills.  Note: GED Academy is offered to all TCC students for free.  You must contact Debbye Larsen at dlarsen@tacomacc.edu to get a user name and password.  With this resource you’ll be ready to go, learn, and practice! Math –…

Essay Writing Step by Step PDF

Learn how to write an essay with step-by-step information. The Essay Writing Step by Step PDF is a handout created by TCC’s Writing and Tutoring Center.  It gives step by step information through the foundations of writing an essay.   Link to resource  

Edready – NROC Math

EdReady is a program that uses NROC Math content to assess yourself in math from arithmetic to trigonometry, then helps you with a customized study plan showing you which areas you need more learning and practice with and which areas you have mastered. This is a great free program to prepare you for placement exams like…

Aims Accuplacer Study Guides

  PDF review guides for English and Math ACCUPLACER prep.  The Accuplacer Study Guides page from Aims Community College provides 12 pdf study guides to help students prepare for the ACCUPLACER placement exam in the areas of Sentence Skills, Reading, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College Level Math. Link to resource