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Quick reference for APA, MLA, Chicago, & CSE writing guidelines and sample research papers in each style.  The Research and Documentation Online site provides the same basic information as A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers. This website was created and is maintained by Bedford St. Martin’s, the same publisher as Hacker’s reference textbook. It provides information on MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE writing/formatting guidelines. You can find the details of these styles by clicking ‘Documenting Sources’ in the colored banner of each subject.  MLA is under the Humanities, APA is under the Social sciences, Chicago is under History, and CSE is under Sciences.  Each item under ‘Documenting Sources’ parallels exactly what is provided in the printed text, including: in-text citations, list of works cited or references, information notes, manuscript format, and sample research paper. The sample paper is even the same one that is in the printed textbook!

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