EAP 92 (Coates-White)

Welcome to EAP 92!

EAP 92 is the second in a series of five grammar and speaking courses for non-native speakers of English at the advanced beginner level.  It is designed to give students a strong grammatical basis in English and to improve their speaking and listening skills.

The following resources are selected to help you succeed in this course.

English Central

Learn ESL English listening, pronunciation, and grammar skills with videos and interactive exercises.  On the English Central website, Tacoma Community College ESL students can now access more extensive study exercises and activities.  The video lessons give subtitles along with the audio, and you can click on the words you don’t know during the video to learn! Then the lesson teaches you the vocabulary from the video, has you practice speaking as you read the video subtitles yourself, and then quizzes you.  This is a fun and interactive way to practice English!


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Activities for ESL: Self-Study Grammar Quizzes


Practice your English (ESL) Grammar skills. The A4ESL Self-Study site provides numerous ‘quizzes’ where it allows you to fill in the blank with the correct form of the English word.  Every question gives a drop down box where you can view the correct answer immediately to check yourself.  There is not grammar explanations, only the practice questions with the answers. Though the site is not very exciting or engaging, it provides practice scenarios within a great extensive list of various grammar topics!


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Learn and practice English grammar points (for English Language Learners). EFL Net provides tutorials and practice exercises on English grammar, vocabulary, reading, and listening. There are various levels and categories within each of the topics. There are interactive short quizzes in each section. The adds are a bit annoying but nonetheless, the content is very useful. 


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Rachel’s English

Rachel’s English site provides detailed videos on how to physically produce/pronounce English sounds, words, and phrases.  This site is useful for students who are particularly patient and willing to learn the intricacies of phonetics and pronunciation to improve their English production.


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Voice of America: Learning English

VOA news provides short current event news videos and articles organized by English levels 1 & 2 for English learners to watch, read, and listen to for English comprehension practice. This site is easy and quick to access quality & current resources at a level that benefits English language learners. The audio is read clearly and slowly so students can follow. The site uses basic English vocabulary and structures to help learners understand at a realistic pace. 


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Grammar Ninja

Practice recognizing parts of speech in basic to advanced English sentences. Grammar Ninja game tests the player on identifying parts of speech (noun, verb, adverb, article, conjunction, preposition & pronoun) in a sentence. It has beginning, intermediate and advanced challenges.  This is a fun game to practice and learn with.


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Duolingo is a free gamified language learning program.  You can learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, or Dutch.  The program gives lessons on certain vocab and topics including writing, reading, listening, and speaking tasks.  As you complete and pass each section, you unlock the more advanced sections.  You can earn duolingo currency, called Lingots, through various tasks which can help you advance quicker or buy useful things within the program.  Also you can compete against your friends learning the same language and see who is ranked highest at any given moment.


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Learn English vocabulary, grammar, and listening comprehension.  EngVid provides English teaching videos on various English topics and grammar. It is organized by topic and teacher. It is also generally searchable for any specific topic of interest using the search bar on the menu bar.


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Talk English

Listen to English phrases and practice pronouncing them yourself, or listen and answer questions to practice your understanding of spoken English.  Talk English provides sound bites of sentences in English. It is organized by level and subject matter by a text menu on the left hand side of the web page. You can also access “Full Lessons” which include an audio dialogue, a comprehension quiz, and a written transliteration of the audio.  This site can be useful for practicing listening and pronunciation of various commonly used phrases or for finding examples of particular grammar points used in live English.


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