HSP 121

Internet Mental Health

The Mental Health website provides information on mental disorders, self diagnoses, discussions, medications, journals, new research and therapies. Some of the journal links are no longer working, but nonetheless this website has a wealth of useful information and videos about mental health and some great journal links for further study.

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Neuroscience For Kids

Neuroscience for Kids provides good basic information on the brain that is relevant for any age student!  On the Explore page, you can find listed topics with information pages and visuals on brain basics, higher functions, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, the neuron, the sensory systems, methods and techniques, drug effects, and neurological & mental disorders.

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Mouse Party

Mouse Party is a fun interactive program from The Genetic Science Learning Center of the University of Utah Health Sciences department.  When you enter the program, you will be shown crowd of mice hanging out and each one is displaying a different drug induced behavior.  As you scroll over each mouse, it will show you which drug is behind their behavior.  Then, if you drag the mouse into the red chair, it will explain to you the science of the drug’s affect on the brain and other information related to that particular drug.  This program is a great way to interactively learn about the pharmacology of commonly abused drugs.

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