GEOL 108


A Periodic Table with interactive visualizations, properties, orbitals, isotopes, and compound mixing. provides more information and interactive tools for more advanced chemistry needs than the minute labs periodic table provides.  Ptable includes a visually informative table including each element’s wikipedia page & related photos/videos, properties, orbitals, isotopes, and compounds. When you are on the first ‘Wikipedia’ tab, you can click on any element and see its wiki page or choose from the tab menu to see a related video or photo. Also, the table allows you to see the elements or properties at different temperatures using the temp slide scale. On the compounds tab, you can name a compound or type a formula and it will highlight the elements involved. 

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Slip Slide Collide

Slip Slide Collide is a fun informational game for learning about the layers of the Earth and its tectonic plates.  Though this is game-like, it is really just an engaging way to read information and practice what you learn. The Earth visual timeline was the most challenging as it was very difficult to tell the visual differences between the earths.  Nonetheless, this was an enjoyable interactive learning exercise and great practice and reinforcement if you are taking a science course covering this material!


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