CHEM& 131

Chemistry YouTube Playlist

46 videos on a variety of topics within the field of chemistry.  This includes the electron, water and solutions, the periodic table, the nucleus, and much more.  These videos have been vetting and approved by the tutors of the Tacoma Community College Writing and Tutoring Center.

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Khan Academy: Organic Chemistry

Khan Academy provides a collection of videos in Organic Chemistry that starts with a general review of dot structures and hybridization and moves through organic structures, acids and bases, alkanes and cycloalkanes, stereochemistry, substitution and elimination reactions, alkenes and alkynes, alcohols, ethers, epoxides, and sulfides, aromatic compounds and more.

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Search an alphabetical treasury of explanations for all kinds of organic chemistry with visual models.  OChemPal is an A-to-Z guide to vocabulary and processes of organic chemistry created by the department of Chemistry at Utah Valley University. The site is designed for undergraduate students studying organic chemistry, and is intended to complement lectures and text. The home page also provides links to “Symbols and Abbreviations” and “Acronyms of Common Reagents and Solvents”.

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OChemPal – Hybridization

Learn about bond hybridization in organic chemistry.  OChemPal – Hybridization provides an in-depth discussion on the organic chemistry side of bond hybridization and provides helpful image models to show the process. The site only discusses up to sp3 hybridization.

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A Periodic Table with interactive visualizations, properties, orbitals, isotopes, and compound mixing. provides more information and interactive tools for more advanced chemistry needs than the minute labs periodic table provides.  Ptable includes a visually informative table including each element’s wikipedia page & related photos/videos, properties, orbitals, isotopes, and compounds. When you are on the first ‘Wikipedia’ tab, you can click on any element and see its wiki page or choose from the tab menu to see a related video or photo. Also, the table allows you to see the elements or properties at different temperatures using the temp slide scale. On the compounds tab, you can name a compound or type a formula and it will highlight the elements involved. 

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Minute Labs Periodic Table

Learn about the elements of the Periodic Table with an interactive table and videos about each element.  Minute Labs’ Periodic Table site provides a periodic table where you can scroll over the element and it will give you all its data in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Then, if you click on the element, a video about it will load in the lower left hand corner! Also, you can change the temperature bar at the top of the page and see the temperatures at which each element is a solid, liquid, or gas.  You can see the “Periodic Table of Magnets” by changing the menu at the top left hand side from ‘States’ to ‘Magnets’.  This site is very user friendly and fun.  It could be very useful for Chemistry students, or students studying other sciences that use the periodic table!


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