Plant Anatomy from Nebraska Wesleyan University

The Plant Anatomy site from Nebraska Wesleyan University provides supplemental lessons on Cell Types, Meristems, Plant Organs and Tissues.  Text and photographs are used within each lesson. Positioning the mouse over active text (words in bold) will bring up additional information and highlight specific items on the photograph in the Cell Types, Meristems and Tissues lessons. The Plant Organ lesson works differently; the entire image is “active” and so the position of the mouse over any cell on the image brings up the associated textual information appearing to the right.

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Cells Alive

Cells Alive provides interactive visual models and activities to learn animal, plant, and bacteria cell anatomy and to learn the processes of mitosis, cell cycles, dividing bacteria, cancer cells, antibodies, and microscopy.  The site also has free printable study aids for various cell types.


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