BIOL& 242

YouTube – Biology Playlist

40 Biology videos (Over 7 hours!) covering topics such as water, membranes, molecules, photosynthesis, and many more topics in biology.  These topics cover human, plant, and animal biology.  These videos have been vetting and approved by the tutors of the Tacoma Community College Writing and Tutoring Center.

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The Blood Typing Game

Learn about determining blood types and compatibility for transfusion by playing a game.  The Blood Typing Game from provides an interactive and fun way for students to learn about blood groups, blood types, and compatible blood transfusions.  

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Blue Histology

Blue Histology provides microscopic images and detailed information about various tissues.  Make sure that your pop-up windows and javascript are enabled in your browser so you can use all the functions on the site.  Each page has a table of contents with topics, lab guides and images that you will find on the page. This is followed by an Additional Resources section containing links to other related resources on the site.  Images that are tagged with a yellow dog ear in their upper right corner give an alternate image when you click on them. If you find a small “e” icon in the text, it will link to an electron microscopic picture of the features mentioned in the text.


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Histology Zoomer

Images and information for the study of microscopic structures of tissues.  The Histology Zoomer site, created by Yakima Valley Community College, provides tutorials on the epithelium, muscles, connective tissue, nervous tissue, and endocrine tissue. The site includes image libraries for study and identification practice. The Dichotomous key for identifying basic tissue types is useful. The site also provides histology quizzes that students can use to test their knowledge.

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Anatomy Arcade

Games to learn and study anatomy. Anatomy arcade provides various games to help learn the anatomy of the body system. It is well categorized and has some very effective programs for memorizing in an interactive and more entertaining way.


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