BIOL 140

YouTube – Biology Playlist

40 Biology videos (Over 7 hours!) covering topics such as water, membranes, molecules, photosynthesis, and many more topics in biology.  These topics cover human, plant, and animal biology.  These videos have been vetting and approved by the tutors of the Tacoma Community College Writing and Tutoring Center.

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Cells Alive

Cells Alive provides interactive visual models and activities to learn animal, plant, and bacteria cell anatomy and to learn the processes of mitosis, cell cycles, dividing bacteria, cancer cells, antibodies, and microscopy.  The site also has free printable study aids for various cell types.


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Biology Project

Learn and practice biology concepts. The Biology Project from the University of Arizona is a well rounded online resource providing good information, visual models, and practice exercises for students to learn and study their understanding of various biology concepts.


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