ARAB 121

Aswaat Arabiyya

The Aswaat site from the University of Texas in Austin provides a variety of videos in the Arabic language to be used for listening and comprehension.  The videos are categorized from beginner (blue) to high advanced (red).  The user can control the speed that the video plays using the controls under the video.  This allows for language learners to listen at a pace that meets them at their level. If the video has a * by it, then there will be a bar that appears below giving additional exercises or resources including vocabulary help, comprehension questions, and more.

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Digital Dialects: Language Learning Games

Learn foreign language vocabulary by topic with interactive-audio exercises. Digital Dialects provides interactive exercises to learn vocabulary in many different languages. Most the languages have content topics including alphabet, greetings, colors, animals, numbers, clothing, food, calendar, verbs, and other various basic topics. The ‘games’ include audio-visual identification for the most part, but are engaging and repetitive which does help with word memory!


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Word Reference

Bilingual Dictionaries: Find definitions and explanations of various uses of words from one language to another. WordReference provides extensive information on word meanings and examples of various uses of a word or phrase in a particular language.  This is particularly useful for advanced language learning to understand the ways words are used and how to use them yourself in writing or understanding advanced readings.  Also, there are often forum threads with user questions, comments, and explanations of idioms, unique word uses, slang.


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