ACCT& 202

Social Security Online

The national average wage index (AWI) is based on compensation (wages, tips, and the like) subject to Federal income taxes, as reported by employers on Forms W-2. Beginning with the AWI for 1991, compensation includes contributions to deferred compensation plans, but excludes certain distributions from plans where the distributions are included in the reported compensation subject to income taxes. We call the result of including contributions, and excluding certain distributions, net compensation

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Principles of Accounting

Principles of Accounting is a full online text that is freely accessible.  The site not only gives you the text but gives you fill in the blank phrases, multiple choice questions, key terms, and problem sets you can access by downloadable pdf or excel worksheets and work through!  The ‘Exercise’ menu item on each chapter doesn’t work, so skip it.  And also there are some tricky advertisements like a link to ‘bookboon’ and also advertisements of various accounting textbooks for purchase.

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Accounting Coach

Read through accounting topics and take quizzes, Q&A, and crossword puzzles to practice the material.  Accounting Coach provides a great amount of free content on various accounting topics from basics to business.  Each topic has a portion that you can read & learn, a multiple choice quiz, a question and answer list, and a crossword puzzle for study practice!  There are further resources on most topics that are not accessible for free.  They appear in read and say ‘pro’ since they require paid membership.  Nonetheless, there is free study content for every topic listed on the site which is great study practice and supplemental learning for accounting students!

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