Learn and practice your skills in math, science, English language arts, and social studies.  Practice and improve test taking skills.  Note: GED Academy is offered to all TCC students for free.  You must contact Debbye Larsen at dlarsen@tacomacc.edu to get a user name and password.  With this resource you’ll be ready to go, learn, and practice!

  • Math – Quantitative & algebraic problem solving
  • Science – Life science, physical science, earth and space science
  • Social Studies – Civics and government, U.S. history, economics, geography and the world
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts – Ability to read closely, write clearly, and edit and understand written text

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Games to Learn English’s Spelling Bee game is great for practicing spelling.  The game first lets you select a general vocabulary topic area.  Then it speaks words to you from that vocabulary set and you have to type them using the keyboard on the screen.  It shows you a picture of the word as well for context. If you do not immediately choose the correct letter, the letters on the keyboard will begin to disappear to gradually reveal the correct letter.


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Learn how to type with a audio/visual tutor guiding you step by step. The Goodwill Community Foundation (GCF) has provided this helpful interactive program to teach typing to the beginner.  GCF’s Typing Play is especially beneficial for those who need to slow step-by-step instruction with audio and visual lessons and interactive exercises. When you start this program, it will give you three image buttons at the top of the lesson screen. The first button is a type of ‘Candy Land’ map of the lessons so you can jump around as needed and see your goal.  The second button is intended to give you control over the audio feedback, however it does not seem to be working, so if you get tired of hearing the guy talk to you after every practice set then you will have to mute your audio on your computer!  The third button is the Help button and explains what each button means and how to use the program, etc. This is a great typing program for those who need a little more instruction and encouragement as they begin to learn touch typing!


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 Learn to read English with audio & visual explanations of basic English letter sounds and the vowels and consonants used to form words. ABC Fast Phonics is a great tool for introducing and understanding the basic elements of English sounds and written letters.  The site gives simple explanations and examples and provides audio of all written English so that those who are learning to read English can listen to it by clicking the speaker icon.  Useful for English language learners and those needing basic reading/spelling reinforcement.


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 Learn English grammar with practice questions and progress tracking. For students, you can sign-up to use this program free and then type in your class code that your teacher provides you OR you can enter without any association to a class by using your email to sign-up and finding the ‘Practice’ tab once you enter the site.  It gives you the option to do practice questions on particular grammar topics and then take quizzes on various grammar topics!  If you need to learn the grammar rule before practicing or taking the quiz, go to the ‘Rules’ tab first, otherwise you can see the rule when reviewing questions you answer wrong. Your progress is shown with topic squares that fill up with color as you work on them showing a grade scale number representing your mastery of that subject so far.  This visually organized system is helpful and motivating to learn and master all topics.

For teachers, you can register as a teacher and create a ‘class’, which will generate a code that your students can use when they log into their accounts!  Then you will be able to manage your class from your account, assign specific grammar topics for practice, and even see data on your students work.  And this is FREE, although there are some grammar topics and exercises that are only accessible if you pay for a premium account. But there is a surprising amount of content and functionality that is freely accessible.  Give it a try!


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 Learn how to type. The Typing Club site provides very well organized typing lessons with goals and great immediate results. You are able to track your progress if you want, but you do not have to. The format is simple and easy to use. It is like a game, so it makes you want to keep trying again until you get 3 stars.


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