Learn how to: create a table and add fields, naming fields, controls, and objects, set field size, add a calculated field, add data macro, control data entry formats with input masks, restrict data input by using a validation rule, add or change a tables primary key, create and use an index to improve performance, import and export links to data, database objects into Access, Excel, or SQL Server databases. Link to or import data from Salesforce and Dynamics 365. create a simple query, join tables and queries, apply criteria to text values, use like criteria to locate data, examples of wildcard characters, use parameter to make a query ask for input, introductions to forms and controls, how to create a navigation, split, and tabbed form, set the tab order for controls, add check box to show yes/no values, list of choices by using a list box or combo box, create a subform, use expression builder, guide to syntax, and much more.

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